Where does Menumouss come from?

A few years ago, Menumouss was a tool developed by a large family for their own needs. The idea was to be able to pick up daily menus every week, without spending more time then needed to click twice: one to switch recipes in the weekly planning and another to print the corresponding shopping list

That primal program turned out to be so useful that we decided to make it available to others. This site is the outcome of that project.

Why should I authenticate?

Authentication is required because we need to store your personal recipes book and meals planning. Next time you sign in, we retrieve them for you.

Why should I use my Google, Microsoft or Facebook account ?

We recommend you use one of your Google, Facebook or Microsoft account. If you do so, you will be redirected to one of these sites for authentication and Menumouss will never see your password. You thus benefit from a much better security than the one we offer ourselves (although we try hard). The only personal data we collect from these sites is your email address. That address is used for legitimate communication only, no advertisement will be sent.

If you would still prefer to register with Menumouss and use the usual email/password authentication mechanism you are welcome to do so. When you register you receive an email containing a link that you click to confirm your account setup.

You can also stay anonymous which will give you a taste of most of the site's features. While anonymous though, you will not be able to save your recipes book and meals planning so when you sign back to menumouss your previous work is lost.

Why didn’t I receive the confirmation email for the opening of my new Menumouss account?

Check your spam folder! Menumouss is still a small site and is not yet identified as a valid source for automatic emails by most email providers.

Why am I connected with someone else's account ?

When different users share the same machine one of them can stay connected to Google, Facebook or Microsoft. In such a case, if you authenticate yourself with one of these providers you find yourself using the wrong Menumouss account. What you need to do is to connect to Google, Facebook or Microsoft, whichever you use, and explicitly disconnect from there. Now your machine is free to connect under a different user.

Why are there no default recipes in my Recipe Book when logged with an English profile?

Menumouss is fully developed for both French and English speaking users. Presently, we have developed a default database of recipes in French only. The English speaking user will therefore have to constitute his own recipe book from scratch, by creating recipes, before being able to use the site properly. At least 7 recipes must be present in the recipe book before being able to use the “Meal planning” page. Once you will have created recipes in your recipe book, we strongly encourage you to publish them, so that future English speaking users could benefit from your work.

How can a same ingredient appear on two different lines of the shopping list?

Usually, Menumouss sums the quantities of a same ingredient appearing in two different meals in the planning, resulting in a single line on the shopping list. Still, it can happen that a same ingredient appears on several lines for one of the following reasons:

  • The ingredient is spelled differently in different recipes of your Recipe Book (i. e. “Carrot” and “Carrots”)
  • The ingredient is defined with different units in different recipes (i. e. “g” in one and “units” in another)

You can fix these issues by updating the recipes from your recipes book.

What is your policy regarding cookies?

Menumouss does not store any persistent cookies on your machine. Menumouss only uses session cookies which are harmless.